Thursday, 5 January 2012

Switzerland Economy

Sometimes I like to dream of Switzerland as being a little island of exceptionalism in the world, but alas, the morning alarm bell is unforgiving. Despite prospects of a gold currency or taking a leadership position in criticizing ridiculous US tax policies, we must remember that Swiss fiscal and financial culture is anything but “neutral” or independent, as their international politics are known to be. In fact, the educational qualifications of the Swiss financial and government elite, as well as their close relations with international counterparts, just about guarantees a similar tainting of economic thinking with Keynesianism.

                                 Switzerland's economy over all going very good. From starting its GDP is going not well but now a days it is going very well. About 2009 it is going to downward. Q! and Q3 shows the negative slope of real GDP. But in 2010 and 2011 real GDP going upward 10Q1,10Q3 and 11Q1,11Q3 show the positive slope.

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